About the Author

About the Author

By Benjamin M. Feldhausen, PS, PE

Benjamin M. “Haus” Feldhausen is an avid outdoor enthusiast who was born, raised and resides in Michigan’s abundant Upper Peninsula. He continues a proud heritage of advocating family values and has volunteered countless hours to youth activities, professional affiliations and civic affairs. The inspiration for this book reflects his true passion for the excitement of seasonal outdoor recreation. Admittedly blessed as a Yooper, he is a proud son, husband, father of two children and finds much enjoyment in life. Mr. Feldhausen is a dual baccalaureate honors graduate of Michigan Technological University, licensed as both a Professional Surveyor and Professional Engineer. Ben is honored to share in the legendary tradition of delivering highly spirited stories of outdoor adventure as part of authoring his first children’s book.

About the Illustrator:
Lauren R. Hoffman is a first-year honor student that studies design at Ohio State University. Her involvement in multidisciplinary activities has inspired her, both artistically and creatively. She enjoys everything from sketching to metalworking and also enjoys playing the violin in her free time. The arts have played a formative role throughout her life, and she especially loves cartooning. She is a relative of the author, and has enjoyed rendering his visualization for this story as part of her first book illustration.

Published by Old Red Rock Publishing
Text and Illustrations © 2016 by Benjamin M. Feldhausen, PS, PE

ISBN# 978-0-9997094-0-5
First printing edition, December 2017
Printed by Globe Printing, Ishpeming, MI 49849

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Benjamin M. Feldhausen
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Crystal Falls, MI 49920

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